Sea Turtles Hatching Caught On Camera

Florida Keys, Fla.-A turtle webcam captured the hatchings of hundreds of tiny loggerhead sea turtles on Friday.

Sea turtles have been on Earth for more than 100 million years and (unsurprisingly, given their name) spend most of their time in the sea. At the very beginning of their lives, they hatch from eggs on the
beach, after a 60 day period buried under the sand, and are guided by the moonlight reflecting on water to their natural home.

If they are females they will return every two to five years to lay eggs on the beach and begin the cycle again. Female sea turtles lay around 100 eggs each on beaches in the Florida Keys from mid-April through to October each year.

Harry Appel, President of the Keys-Based Save-A-Turtle say the cameras use special lights so the baby turtles won't get confused and disoriented.

The webcam is part of ongoing efforts in the Florida Keys to raise awareness of sea turtles and the need to protect them. There are five species of sea turtle that nest on the Keys and all are endangered in part because of coastal development and water pollution.

Loggerheads are among five threatened or endangered sea turtle species that nest on Keys beaches and other Florida shorelines.

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